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The Gastronome
The Gastronome!

My Passion:

Food and wine have always been a passion of mine and I especially love travelling around the world visiting some of the best restaurants and hotels whenever I have the opportunity. Each time I take photos and make notes so I can revisit and re-experience the pleasure at a later time.

Lesley Clarke Web DesignMy sister, the web designer Lesley Clarke, suggested we create a website together to share my obsession.

My thoughts and observations are not meant as a guide but are merely musings which you may, or may not, find entertaining and useful.

Please Join In:

I know that enthusiasm is infectious, so I’m not afraid to show it. One of the best things about publishing my reviews is that I can connect with people who share my love for all things foodie.  I will be letting all commenters know that they are appreciated, whether that’s by emailing them privately, responding to their comment publicly or by commenting on their websites.

My aim is to eat at a fabulous restaurant and to post a review at least once a month so please keep checking the site for any updates.

Stuart Clarke Restaurant ReviewPlease feel free to share my reviews with others via social media.

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julia Child

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