The Gastronome Restaurant Reviews - Trattoria da Me: Via S. Felice, 50a, 40122 Bologna BO, Italy

Visit: 15 March 2024

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Trattoria da Me is a very busy trattoria in Bologna city centre, serving traditional dishes (their fresh hand-made pasta is also sold in the shop next door) and reinterpreted speciality dishes.  The “Me” is chef Elisa Rusconi, who in 2015 relaunched the trattoria that was started by her grandfather in 1937.

We arrived at 730pm, opening time for the restaurant, to find 30 other diners queuing outside.  This is a very popular restaurant, especially with locals, who seemed to be regulars!  The restaurant has multiple rooms and is modern and welcoming.  There is also an outside dining area.

Appetizers cost from €13 to €18, first course pasta dishes from €13 to €15, second course dishes from €18 to €22, with a selection of side dishes from €6 to €8.  The wine list has a good selection of Italian varieties.

We chose the appetizer of lukewarm shredded guineafowl, served with a fennel parmentier, saba (a concentrated syrup of grapes), herb oil, fennel crudites, raspberry vinegar, and oranges.  The guinea fowl was moist and had great flavour.

Stuart Clarke Restaurant ReviewNext, we ordered the first course of tagliatelle al ragu, which was an outstanding version of the traditional dish, as well as the tortellini with a cream sauce.  The tortellini were excellent, light pasta with a tasty filling, and the sauce had great flavour.  However, I made a mistake because my next course was the Cotolleta alla Bolognese which also has a cream sauce.  I should have ordered the tortellini in broth instead!

For the second course we ordered the “The Off-Site Student in Bologna” which were four chicken bonbons, each served in a different sauce, cacciatora (tomato and olives), marsala, lemon, and mushrooms.  This was superb.  Our other second course was the Cotolleta alla Bolognese, a breadcrumbed veal rump wrapped in Parma ham, covered in a 24-month Parmigiano Regianno cheese sauce.  This is a traditional dish of Bologna, also known as “Petroniana” (after Petronius, a fifth century bishop and the patron saint of the city of Bologna).  It consists of a veal cutlet coated with eggs, flour and breadcrumbs, that is first fried in lard or butter, then covered with a slice of Parma ham and a handful of Parmesan cheese, then briefly sprinkled with meat broth to flavour and moisten it.  Finally, it is baked in the oven until the cheese has melted.  A large portion and one of the best dishes I had in our trip to Bologna.  It’s worth going back for!

We also ordered a side dish of fried porcini mushrooms, which were outstanding.  If you go, order two of these.

This was an excellent meal, great food at very reasonable prices.

In April 2024, Trattoria Da Me is opening a second restaurant on the ground floor of the thirteenth century, 30m high Galluzzi tower.  This is an exciting development, and a restaurant venue definitely worth booking if you visit Bologna.

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