The Gastronome Restaurant Reviews - San Hô Restaurant Tenerife, Av. de la Virgen de Guadalupe, 21, 38679 La Caleta, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Address: Av. de la Virgen de Guadalupe, 21, 38679 La Caleta, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Visit: 18 April 2024

Award: 1 Michelin Star

Price: **


The Review:

San Hô Restaurant is located at the luxury Royal Hideaway Corales Beach Resort in Tenerife.  The restaurant is under the leadership of Canarian chef Adrián Bosch.  The dining experience combines culinary influences from Japan, Peru and the Canary Islands.  The restaurant was awarded One Star in the Michelin Spain 2023 Guide, and One Repsol Sun.

Seating is either at a large counter, where the chefs cook in front of guests, in a contemporary dining room with panoramic windows, or on a terrace overlooking the garden and sea.  There were two tasting menus (Esencia and San Hô), as well as an à la carte.  We chose the Esencia menu (€120 per person) with the A5 Wagyu supplement (€57.50) and the Carabinero prawn supplement (€56).

The first appetizer was a refreshing dashi ceviche, with a rice vinegar broth and flowers.  This was served with the second appetizer of thinly sliced aged wagyu with a soy sauce that had been aged in a fino sherry cask.  Both were simple but very tasty.

Next were three more appetizers showcasing vegetables the restaurant grows themselves.  There was a sandwich of cauliflower and black garlic, a pickled beetroot with Jerusalem artichoke, and a tartare of celery, onion, and codium (a seaweed).

The next dish was named “Tribute to Patudo Canario” which was raw fatty tuna, served with caviar, truffle shaving, and sea urchin, with a glass of warm dashi.  Drinking the dashi first warmed your mouth so that the fatty tuna melted more easily.  This was excellent.

The dish named “Forgotten plants of the Canary Islands” consisted of Canarian plants that used to be part of the staple diet but that now have been largely forgotten.  Two plants, one named “porcelain” and the other “ice” in English, were served with smoked unagui (eel) and cured egg yolk.  This was a very enjoyable dish, with unusual combinations of flavours and textures.

Stuart Clarke Restaurant ReviewThe next dish was an interpretation of a ramen that consisted of a marinated egg, Canarian black pork belly, shiitake mushrooms, elvers and a triple broth made from pork, chicken and beef.  This had excellent flavours and was one of the highlights of the meal.

Canarian cherne fish (a local white fish) was served with pilpil, a puchero sauce (a “puchero” is a Spanish stew with a broth obtained from a variety of meats and vegetables), with Peruvian peppers, a dashi, and fish skin puffs.  Again, this was a tremendous combination of flavours and textures.

Our first supplement was 50g of A5 Wagyu.  This was top quality, from Kagoshima prefecture raised cattle.  It was served with a pot of caramelised vegetables, and another pot of shiitake mushrooms with black truffle.  I was provided with a Robata grill so I could cook the steak myself at the table.  The beef was extremely good, with a creamy texture, a mild flavour, and a rich taste.

Our second supplement was a large sized carabinero prawn from La Santa in Lanzarote, served with parihuela sauce (a spicy Peruvian sauce made from a reduction of seafoods), with the juice from the prawn head squeezed into the sauce when it was served at the table.  This had great flavour and melted in the mouth.

Our final savoury course was a choice between pigeon or fillet mignon.  We both went with the fillet mignon that was named “influences from around the world”.  It was served with a lukewarm corn sauce, corn toast, and Peruvian spicy, smoked pepper.  It was accompanied by a dumpling.

The dessert was cream of chocolate, with ice cream made with “Agaete” coffee (from a municipality of the Canarian Las Palmas province) and black banana (cooked at low temperature and high pressure over five hours to concentrate the natural sweetness of the fruit).

Finally an excellent selection of petit fours included chocolate with banana, chocolate with wasabi, rocks of almond and chocolate, a Japanese whiskey truffle, raspberry jelly with matcha tea, milk of cacao, and a raspberry bonbon and popping candy.

Service was very friendly and the staff took time to try and explain the courses to us.

This was an excellent meal with good service and great local wines.  I will definitely return next time I am in Tenerife.

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Adrián Bosch trained with Xarma and Martín Berasategui (San Sebastián), returned to Tenerife to win the “2012 Best Canary Islands Chef” award, and was a finalist in the same competition in 2014 and 2016.  After working at Villa Cortés with Diego Schattenhofer, he joined San Hô and won one Michelin star in 2023.

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