Award: One Michelin star awarded in 2005 and retained.

Master Chef: Juan José Carmona – previously with the 5 star Hotel Hacienda Benazuza el Bullí, near Seville, and with Chef Benito Gomez at his one Michelin star Bardal restaurant in Ronda.  He joined El Lago in 2013.

Visit: 28 July 2018, dinner for six.

Price: **


Stuart Clarke Restaurant ReviewReview: This is still one of the best restaurants I have visited in Spain.  See my first review for this restaurant in March 2018.

The meal was fabulous, with exciting combinations of tastes and the freshest of seasonal produce.  The service was impeccable.

There are two tasting menus available, Gourmet and Classic, as well as an a la carte menu.  We went for the Gourmet menu (again!)

The Menu:

The Food:


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