Award: One Michelin star

Chef: Tim Barnes

Visit: 4 March 2017, lunch for two.

Price: *


Review: The restaurant is located within a 15th century fisherman’s cottage overlooking the harbour at the bottom of Port Isaac.  It was opened in 2013 and offers unique tapas like dishes created from the freshest seafood landed each day.

The kitchen prepares small, original and delicious seafood plates cooked to order.  Wherever possible they buy the fish from local inshore day boats that are certified by the Responsible Fishing Scheme.

There is a great atmosphere in the restaurant, the staff are very helpful, and the food is superb.  This is an ideal lunch location, where you can try lots of different types of the freshest seafood, cooked in a variety of ways (ceviche, smoked, raw, grilled, roasted, breaded, battered and fried,…), but in small portions.  You order as much or as little as you want, and everything is cooked to order.

Stuart Clarke Restaurant ReviewIf you are in Port Isaac, or nearby, I would recommend you visit.

If you are a member of Nathan’s loyalty scheme, Outlaw’s Grub Club, you will receive a 10% discount at Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen, The Mariners Public House in Rock (on food only) and Outlaw’s at the Capital, London.  This is definitely a loyalty scheme worth considering.

The Restaurant and Food:

The Wine:

Grolleau Gris – The vineyard is located in the town of Bouaye, France.  The terroir – the soil mainly contains malachite, granite and sand.  The lac de Grand-Lieu (located south), the Loire river (north) and the low altitude (from 15 to 25 meters) create a microclimate, characterized by low temperature differences between day and night.  Therefore, there is an early harvest. The wines have good balance and richness.  Perfect for fish dishes.


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