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Visit: 11 and 12 October 2019.

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Stuart Clarke Restaurant ReviewOn a recent trip to Beijing I visited the Made in China restaurant in the Grand Hyatt Hotel.  This is one of the top restaurants in the city and serves the best Peking duck I have ever tasted.  It is served and carved at your table.  The skin is so thin and crispy you can dip it in sugar and it melts on your tongue.  The duck meat is moist and tender, and the pancakes are light and paper-thin.  This is a memorable dish.

I also tried a “beggar’s chicken” which is a whole chicken, stuffed with pork, mushroom and chestnuts, wrapped in lotus leaves then encased in clay.  After slow cooking it is served at your table and you crack the clay with a hammer to reveal the succulent chicken inside.  This was another memorable dish.

The restaurant is busy, so booking is essential.  You must reserve your Peking duck or the beggar’s chicken when you reserve your table.  As with all the restaurants I visited in China, the service is very different to what you find in Western restaurants.  When you arrive, the waiter will not leave the table until you have placed your order, and courses can come in any order.  However, the waiters were very helpful and they spoke some English.

This is an excellent restaurant with superb food, and if you visit Beijing I would highly recommend you try the Peking duck or any of the other fabulous dishes.

The Menus

The Food


The People

Head Chef – Kent Jin Qiang:

The Restaurant

The restaurant entrance on the ground floor of the Grand Hyatt Hotel:

Dumplings and stir-fry have their own speciality chefs.  You can watch the chefs make the dumplings in the open kitchen at the end of the restaurant.  I was seated in front of this glass screen:

The oven for the Peking ducks that are roasted over peach wood:

The restaurant is very stylish with dark wood and floor-to-ceiling shelves stacked with Chinese ornaments.  There are 126 seats:


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