Ivan Vautier hotel

Award: Five star hotel and one Michelin star restaurant

Chef: Ivan Vautier – Ivan and his wife Sandrine purchased an old grill restaurant in Caen when he was 28 years old.  They are still there today, but now it’s a 5 start hotel and 1 star restaurant.  He famously prepared the meal for the Heads of State for the 60th anniversary of the D-Day landings, serving President Jacques Chirac, the Queen, and Presidents Bush and Putin.

Visit: 19-20 August 2017, dinner for two.

Price: **

Website: http://ivanvautier.com/en

Review: The hotel is situated in a perfect spot if you want to visit the Normandy beaches and for D-Day touring.  The rooms are modern and clean, and the staff are very helpful.  Our guide for our Normandy beach tour didn’t turn up, and Sandrine provided us with a map and guidance.

The breakfast at the hotel is extensive, with great breads, homemade jams and croissants, and you can boil your own fresh eggs.

The food in the restaurant is stunningly good.  There is an extensive wine list, and the sommelier will provide welcome guidance.

Stuart Clarke Restaurant ReviewOne word of warning is that the restaurant is closed on a Sunday evening.  They have an arrangement with a great bistro type restaurant in Caen, and were happy to make the booking for us.  This gave us a good opportunity to look round Caen and visit the castle (The Château de Caen, built by William of Normandy around 1060).  The food in the bistro was also very good and worth the trip.

The Hotel:

The Food:

The Wines:

Saumur Blanc Chaintres

Saumur is a region located in the Loire Valley.  The region is noted for sparkling wines produced by the traditional method, and for red wines made primarily from Cabernet Franc.  The main variety in the white wines is Chenin blanc.

  • Appearance: Bright yellow to deeper gold
  • Nose: Pronounced minerality blended with white flowers and fruit
  • Flavors: Medium-bodied and well-balanced, with fresh fruit flavors.

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